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Villa Aliki Bayview

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Βιλα Αλικι θέα στον κόλπο

Villa Aliki Bayview

  • Beautiful houses
  • Superb views on sea, mountains and village
  • Quietly located, just above the beach of Mirtos
  • Spacious balcony/terrace with spectacular view
  • Fully furnished
  • Competitive prices
  • Also ideal for spending the winter

Villa Aliki Bayview, Mirtos, South Crete

These luxurious houses and apartments are situated on a beautiful spot, above the beach with a magnificent view at the sea, the coastline, the village and the mountains.

There are four houses / 3-room apartments wich are very spacious ( 90 m2 ) with a lot of privacy.

Each house / aparment consists of:

  •  A spacious living room (35m2)
  • Two bedrooms
  • A well equipped kitchen with ceramic cooking facilities, oven, dishwasher, refrigerator etc.
  • A big bathroom with shower, toilet, washing basin and washing machine
  • A spacious balcony and terrace with the most beautiful view one can wish
  • A private parking. 
  • Free WIFI
  • TV with Satellite
  • Safety box (€10,- per week, to be paid at the spot)
  • Airconditioning (€7,50 per day to be paid at the spot)


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The bayview houses are located near Villa Aliki. The walking distance to the centre of the village is about 250 meters by a kind of donkey trail and about 450 meter when one follows the paved road. We are convinced those are one of the most beautiful houses/apartments at the most beautiful spot in Mirtos.


Below prices are per week and resiliance fee is not included



04/07/24 - 03/09/24 04/09/24 - 03/11/24 04/11/24 20/11/24 21/11/24 31/03/25 01/04/25 - 25/04/25 26/04/25 - 03/07/25
3 room apartment 875 € 770 € 650 € 455 € 690 € 770

Terms & Conditions

*The minimal rentalperiod is 4 days and daily arrivals are possible. Normally you can enter the apartment around 13.00, check-out is at 11 o’ clock. *There might be other rules for last minute reservations.
*After receiving the deposit we’ll send you the voucher of the accommodation and a route description.
*About a week before departure, we need to have contact again about your flightschedule.
*Be aware of a cancellation-, and travelinsurance.
* At arrival you have to pay the remaining amount to the representative. With him/her you can also arrange other things like airconditioning or hiring a safe.
The rules of the Greek Tourism Association (EOT) count for cancelling the arrangement.
If you cancel 21 days or more before arrival, the renter is allowed to keep your deposit.
If you cancel your arrangement less than 21 days before arrival, the main applicant has to pay 50% of the total sum. If you cancel a day before, at the day or a day after your actual arrival, the main applicant has to pay 100% of the total sum. You can arrange a cancellation insurance for this.
The published price is based on the prices, exchange rates, levies and taxes as they were known at the time of publication. We reserve the right , even with already entered agreements to 20 days before departure , to increase the rent due to increases in the prices mentioned above. We will explain how and why the increase was calculated.
If, after the conclusion of the travel contract the fare increase , the passenger has the right to cancel the contract with entitlement to a refund of amounts paid , but only within 4 days after receiving the notification